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The company Agropiese TGR GRUP

The company Agropiese TGR GRUP

The company Agropiese TGR GRUP

Agropiese TGR GRUP was founded in 1993. At present, it is the largest company on the market of the farm machinery in Moldova. Over twenty years Agropiese TGR have been offering to the farms, as well as construction, maintenance and transport companies not only the widest range of agricultural equipment, spare parts and accessories for all types of the farm businesses, but also integrated solutions on selection, adjustment, repair and maintenance of the machinery and vehicles throughout their full operating cycle.

More than 14 000 farm units, shipping agents and forwarders, as well as construction, maintenance companies and subdealers are provided with the Agropiese TGR’s services.

Sales Centres of Agropiese TGR

Agropiese TGR operate the most extensive retail network in Moldova focused on farm machinery, spare parts and components. Owing to the ongoing development and modernisation, year by year, the Agropiese TGR’s trading centres become more and more available and close to every Moldavian farmer.

Promptness and comfort

For the sake of the Customer’s convenience, Agropiese TGR runs the advanced logistics of the order handling - from their placement to the stock issue and the goods receipt at the warehouse. Thanks to the up-to-date computer-aid technologies, the process of purchasing flows promptly and comfortably!

Integrated solutions

Based on the experience of Agropiese TGR’s engineers that exceeds two decades of work, they know in-depth the farmers’ requirements and needs relating to the whole agricultural sector, and offer to the company’s customers state-of-the-industry package solutions following the environment-friendly, power-saving and high-precision technologies.

The widest range

Dealing with more than 14 000 clients enables the Agropiese TGR’s experts to comply with the customer’s demands at full extent, and to offer unique, the most complete range of spare parts for agricultural vehicles and transport in Moldova: more than 90 000 items of spare parts from 40 manufacturers all over the world.

Best manufacturers

The decades of trials and errors, long-term cooperation and bulk purchase amounts allowed Agropiese TGR to get the best quality-to-price ratio to be offered to its Customers in relation to all price categories of the farm vehicles, units and spare parts.

Quality and guarantee

Agropiese TGR have approved and established the system of the incoming quality control. Agropiese TGR monitor quality of the spare parts shipments and products in their in-house laboratory. We offer to our Customers the goods and spare parts, protected and assured at all time by the manufacturer’s quality guarantee. The Agropiese TGR’s experts perform the company’s guarantee obligations as soon as possible.

Always at the customer’s side

We offer our customers not just the agricultural machinery – we offer a system for the full support of the customer: start-up and commissioning – training of the customer’s staff – adjustment in the field – constant consultation – after-sale service and maintenance – follow-up and furnishing with the spare parts.

After-sale service and maintenance

Proudly we offer our customers both prompt and high-quality guarantee and post-guarantee repair services assisted by the advanced machinery and fleet vehicles. The professional and skillful experts of the Agropiese TGR’s Guarantee Service, who were trained at the manufacturers’ sites, are well prepared to put in operation any of the purchased units at the shortest possible time.

Full cycle of support

The equipment purchased in our Sales Centers is followed-up by the spare parts during the whole time of operation. Our Customers will always find a full range of spare parts for any agricultural unit or plant, regardless of how long time ago it was bought.

Tyres and oils

Agropiese TGR is the largest importer and official dealer of the lead European and Russian brands of tyres for farm vehicles, trucks and light motor cars, as well as of the motor, hydraulic, compression oils for any application. We offer tyres and oils of ever excellent quality at ever competitive prices.

Internet retailer and discount system

Now our Customers are able to choose and to order the goods online at the web shop, and the effective discount system makes purchasing at Agropiese TGR even more beneficial.

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